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The · Drabble · Writing · Competition

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I'm really sorry folks, but I don't have time for this anymore and it seems neither do you. I've managed to get my other two comms going again but this is by far the most time-consuming one and the one with the least interest. So, is there anyone who wants to take over words_challenge? Or shall I leave it to die?
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Sorry for disappearing on you folks. The general feeling I got from the poll is that you guys still want to do this but just don't have time for it at the moment, and that's fine. :-) I think from now on we'll leave the challenges open for two weeks and see how that goes.

VOTE FOR CHALLENGE #14 We really need some more votes, so if you have a couple of minutes, it would be greatly appreciated. :-)

ENTER CHALLENGE #15 (Summer) (now ending on Wednesday 10th October)

Happy writing! :D

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We only had two votes in the last challenge and no-one has entered this week's challenge. words_challenge is pretty much dead. Are you guys just busy at the moment, or is there no interest in this community anymore? I'm not angry, just a bit disappointed that we've lost the vibrance and enthusiasm of this community. Do me a favour and tick a couple of boxes for me...

tick as many or as little as you want...

I don't like the new system
I just don't have time at the moment
I'm not really interested anymore
I like it, but this week's challenge was a bit boring, I'll probably enter next week's!
I love words_challenge! Don't give up!
Just leave the community to die
Dunno/Don't Care
Ticky Box!

Comments/Suggestions etc. are very welcome too! :-) Comments are screened!
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We really need more votes for Challenge #14.


Thank you! :D

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Summer isn't over yet! (Admittedly, summer barely even started here in rainy 'ld England but never mind) It's your chance to grab onto that last ray of summer sunshine and be inspired!

I need to get back into practise with my whole motivational talk, huh?

challenge detailsCollapse )

Last date for entering this challenge is Sunday 9th SeptemberWednesday 10th October(evening GMT). A reminder will (hopefully) be posted near the deadline.

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We've only got a few entries but I'll let you off as it's the first week back. ;) Thanks to everyone that entered, I would really appreicate it if you took the time to vote!

The prompt was "invention".

voting behind cutCollapse )

Voting Form -

Please leave a comment to this post with the completed voting form, thank you! Remember there's no voting for yourself or getting others to vote for you.

Voting ends Wednesday 5th September (evening GMT).
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Miss me? Oh, I know you did. ;)

Okay, a couple of things before we get started:
- NEW RULES. Read. Learn. Recite. Sing. Dance. Whatever, just make sure you've read them and let me know of any mistakes you find. If you've got any questions just leave a comment and I'll try to clear everything up.
- If you've read the rules then you will have noticed that voting's changed a lot. Just thought I'd emphasize that so when I post the voting in a few days time it won't turn into World War III.
- Have extended the current challenge to end on the 2nd September, so get those entries in!
- Read the new rules yet?

ENTER CHALLENGE #14 (INVENTION). Ends Sunday 2nd September (evening GMT).

If you've already entered using the old rules than that's great, but if you want to submit anything new there are instructions on that challenge post for you! :D

Okay, any questions?
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Apologies to all participants but all three mods are super busy at the moment (exams and such) and so we are going on a short break. We don't know when we'll be back but we're going to leave Challenge #14 open to keep you lot busy in the meantime. When we come back, we'll give you a week's notice before we close Challenge #14. :-) Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you all so much for participating in words_challenge so far. If you have any comments etc. please leave them as a reply to this post and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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Apologies for the lateness of this post.

The variety of drabbles this week just blew us away; while some were comic in nature, others poetic and some were decidedly dark they were all amazing. Thanks so much for continuing to produce such high quality stories!

four winners this weekCollapse )

other reviewsCollapse )

Thanks to everyone that voted and to my co-mods for taking the time to review. Remember to enter Challenge #14!
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Yup. Bit random this one but I'm sure you'll come up with something.

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