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The Drabble Writing Competition

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Yes. I know. Another 100 word challenge thing...but this one's different. Honest.

First of all, it's actually a competition. Second of all, it's not strictly 100 words. And third of all, the challenges will actually be challenging (I hope).

Every week or so we will post a new challenge with a theme, you go away and come up with 100 words or so that suit the given prompt and post a link to your drabble in a comment to that post. We will then set up voting and all the winners shall receive banners made by me or a fellow mod so you can show off to the world just how talented you are. Sound good?

- Remember to read and follow the theme/rules provided in this week's challenge post while writing your drabble. It must be between 80 and 150 words long. It can be rated no higher than PG-13 (American film ratings). If you're unsure whether your piece is suitable, just ask.
- Once finished, please give your piece(s) a title if you can and post it as a screened comment to the challenge post. If you have more than one LJ account, please post with the username you want on your banner if you win. If you enter more than one drabble please post them as separate comments.
- That's it! You're done! If you have any questions about entering, please comment on the latest challenge post (comments will be screened).

-All drabbles entered will be published in a voting post (like at paper_feelings) and we will ask you to choose your favourite(s) and post the number/title as a screened comment to the voting post. Make sense? If you're still a bit confused, feel free to leave a comment and one of the mods will try to explain. :-) You cannot vote for yourself or get others to vote for you.
-Every week a drabble will be selected as "mod's choice", a piece that the mods really liked and think deserves an award. Whichever mod(s) picked the winning drabble will also have to post a small review to explain why they liked it and if you're really lucky (it depends how much time we have on our hands!) we might give a small review for every drabble entered.
- Banners will be awarded to the winners of the competition so others can see how talented they are. In this way, words_challenge is like various icon challenges (e.g. whoicontest).
- The amount of winners will depend on the number of entries, as a general rule of thumb, less than half of drabbles entered will win prizes.

The main rule is that you cannot post anything that isn't your own. If you post someone else's work then it will be disqualified. I have eyes everywhere, so I will find out! Also, all drabbles entered must be new (written for the current challenge), please do not enter any old writings of yours. Unfortunately, we have to restrict all entries to being in English; otherwise the voting will be unfair. Sorry to all those whom English is not their primary language!

*occasionally we will have special challenges where these rules do not apply - details will be given*

Want to affiliate? Leave us a note in the latest challenge post and we'll get back to you. :-)